Générique Holy basil - , Holy Basil Vegie, Bresol Syrup, Koflet Syrup

  • Holy Basil Vegie®

    Holy Basil Extract
    • 1mg

    Holy Basil is revered as a sacred plant in Ayurveda, the ancient traditional herbal system of India. Holy Basil has more recently been shown to possess powerful adaptogenic properties with the ability to enhance the body's healthy response to normal daily life stress.* In addition, scientific studies have demonstrated that Holy Basil may support healthy carbohydrate metabolism and normal glucose management.It helps body adapt to daily life stress, supports normal carbohydrate metabolism.

    € 0.19
  • Bresol Syrup®

    Holy Basil , Malabar Nut , Turmeric
    • 100ml

    Bresol Syrup® - a potent herbal combination of Tulasi, Vasaka and Haridra. Bresol is an Ayurvedic medicine for chronic respiratory disorders, allergies.

    € 5.62
  • Koflet Syrup®

    Licorice , Holy Basil , Honey
    • 100ml

    Koflet Syrup® - an Ayurvedic cough reliever, made from a numer of well known herbs in Ayurveda, like Tulasi and Vasaka. The herbal is also credited with immunity boosting properties.

    € 10.30
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