The contents of Spirulina tablets may help in promoting energy, strength & boost immunity. Revitalising property may rejuvenate & revitalise the body & its functions. The tablets may help to increase body’s self healing properties. The antioxidant property, may help to boost immunity & protect vital organs in long standing diseases. The product stimulates metabolism, so demonstrates weight loosing properties as well.


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Spirulina Tablets

Every person is in search of 100% natural, pure and chemical free herbal supplement to live a healthy life. Thus to fulfill the need and to help reduce health problems, herbal hills produces Spirulina green food supplement and spirulina tablets. Herbal hills is an eminent manufacturer and dealer of herbal supplements and green superfood such as Spirulina protein supplement. Additionally, to provide the most suitable aura, herbal hills holds their own land in the Sahyadri mountains. By providing the pristine environment, it can follow traditional cultivation methods to help retain optimum Ayurvedic value. Moreover, herbal hills also focus on the top-notched, unique and modern technologies to support internal level manufacturing. Furthermore, the combination of classic values and modern techniques helps herbal hills to produce premium quality herbal supplements.

Spirulina green food supplement is a blue-green algae and is one of the best superfood used worldwide as a nutraceutical food supplement. The botanical name of spirulina is Arthrospira platensis and is a rich source of beneficial nutrients. Additionally, this spirulina protein supplement contains lipids, protein, vitamins, chlorophyll, iron etc. This spirulina tablets also contain essential minerals, fatty acids, phosphorus, selenium, potassium, sodium, magnesium etc. Spirulina protein supplements contain various medicinal properties, which may include nutritive, antiaging, nervine etc. It also contains immunity boosting, nutritive, antioxidant, blood tonic etc. to support healthy well being. This spirulina superfood helps in boosting the energy level and thus keeps you energetic whole day long.

Additionally, this powerful antioxidant may prevent our body from oxidative damage from free radicals. It also helps in detoxifying heavy metals. Thus, with all these benefits and nutritional value, add spirulina in the daily diet to achieve healthy living goals.

Each tablet contains

Spirulina(Arthrospira platensis)500 mg


Take 2 tablets twice a day for maintaining good health. It should ideally be taken on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water

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